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Tech tips for installing a FBU (Fender Blender Universale) on a 20″ Bike for little kids

A 20″ bike is the smallest bike you can use with our FBU bike blender. This will allow you to get the youngest kids pedaling. The small size of the frame on 20″ bikes means that there may be some customization needed to install the rack at the correct height.

Tip 1: Do not use the extension pieces.

The directions in our owner’s manual say not to use the flat brackets, shown below, which provide multiple holes for achieving the correct height on larger frames.

Instead, use the bottom hole on the FBU’s rack as shown above.

Tip 2. Use P-Clamps to achieve the correct height. Even if you follow Tip 1, you may not able to get the roller of the FBU to sit low enough to make good contact with the tire. Here’s a photo example:

Bike Blender sitting too high

On a good install, the surface of the rack should only be about 1-2″ from the spot on the tire where you want the roller to hit (the widest part). Note that in the photo above, the distance is about 3″ so the roller is making any contact with the widest part of the tire.

In this case, you must do the following workaround to get the rack to sit lower: Use P-Clamps to grab the strut of the rack. P-Clamps now come with every 20″ kit that we sell.

Take a look at the example of how to use them:

Here’s a closer look:

Here’s another solution:

View the video directions to mount a bike in our stationary stand: