Rock The Bike

Can you put ingredients in your bike blender and process them while riding down mountains? Yes you can.

Props to RTB customer Mark Harris for this fun video demonstrating one fun way to enjoy bike blending.

In his blog, the “Transcendental Art of Bicycle Blender Touring”, Mark documents his travels with the Fender Blender Xtracycle, in which he pulls edible food from the side of the road, adds an ingredient or two (sometimes just water) and blends on the go.

The blog also includes his travel writing and musings about food and culture.

“Bicycle blending is a labor of love,
You have to keep throwing what arises into the blender,
What appears is beyond any expectation, presumption or thought,
A transient man in a transient universe,
Alive on the tip of an ever cresting wave.”

He also uses his Fender Blender Xtracycle in the more traditional way — stationary.