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Your Name in Lights!

LightBox in use at the 2018 New York State Fair. We calibrated it to be a fun challenge and attraction for kids. 3 kids working together can do it.


Fun, challenge and teamwork in action are the main benefits of our newest Pedal Powered Activity, the LightBox, an 8 x 8 Pedal Powered custom illuminated light sign that could be a hit for your org or company.

Having a multi-person activity like the Light Box leads to genuine teamwork moments at your events. We’ve seen this so many times in our concerts that it got us excited to create a team light challenge. It’s visible from hundreds of feet, making it an attraction. As people get closer they’ll see the bikes and get excited to take a turn. Coaching it is easy. Just help the riders on and use your hands, voice or a PEDAL! sign to start each challenge. You’ll see people high fiving as they bring your name to light.

Each logo requires its own individual creative approach to get the most from the available pedal power. For the NY State Fair we divided the classic I heart NY logo into its four letters/symbols, then wired each to one of the outputs of a sLEDgehammer circuit. When people pedal, more of the symbols turn on until they all enter a ‘party mode’ for a few moments. Then the game resets for the next group.

Not all logos will lend themselves as well to the sLEDgehammer approach. If a logo has more than 6 elements, or has less separation between its elements, we wouldn’t suggest using a sLEDgehammer circuit, but instead wiring it as a single large lighting challenge. The harder people pedal, the brighter it gets! We can still accent the colors of the logo. For example in the PLAY TO WIN sign, we accented the blue and orange and white to make those pop.

At a recent software conference in Las Vegas, we went even bigger, creating a 16′ wide sign.  The message here was similar: only by working together could 5 people illuminate all the levels of the sign and get ‘Fully FUELED’.

The signs are printed using dye-sublimation on light transmitting fabric. The signs and their frames are fitted to ensure a tight fit and neat corners. Setup is simple and the sign is reusable.

The illuminated sign starts at $10,000, but the exact cost of producing a Pedal Powered Sign will depend on your logo, so please contact us to get a quote!

This PLAY TO WIN sign was used at a training for the sales team of a Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment called Orencia. The organizers wanted to get the sales team to believe in working together. With hundreds of salespeople gathered for a morning session, they invited 3 on stage to pedal. The MC introduced the challenge, saying that in order to make an impact on Rheumatoid Arthritis, they would have to work as a team. With that, the 3 pedaled away until the sign was fully aglow. If anyone of them had stopped, the others would have been too tired to continue.