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Your Bike or Our Pro Frame: Same great activities

Your Bike or Our Pro Frame: Same great activities

Did you know that our most popular activities can be used with our Pro frames or your own bike? We designed it that way to serve different customer groups, from brands to schools and nonprofits, each with different needs, goals, and budgets. 

Our pro frames make it quick and easy to get started hosting all of the popular Rock The Bike activities, minimizing complexity and maximizing your focus on your overall event vision. They provide great branding opportunities and the best choice for fitting a wide variety of riders from kids to adults. Easy to change riders with the new gym style seatpost.  

Using your own bike makes the most of your available resources and minimizes cost, making your pedal powered experience as accessible and sustainable as possible.

If you are new to Rock The Bike, please take a moment to consider which of these paths you want to take and the benefits of choosing one over the other.

Read on about the various activities available to either approach.


Bike Blending

Bike blending will always infuse events with pedal powered smiles. Whipping up a pedal powered smoothie or cocktail is already fun, and all the more when you hop off and let someone new blend next.

Fender Blender Pro Fender Blender Universale

• Rock solid steel frame is safe and stable for people up to 250 pounds
• Seat quickly adjusts to accommodate children and adults.
• Wide variety of branding options.
• Single speed means nothing to fiddle with. Just get on and pedal. 


• Compact design you can bike anywhere with.
• Comes with a strong aluminum rack you can use for general purpose. Recycled saddle bags make for a snap on storage solution.
• Quick setup lets you quickly swap bikes.
• Turn the bike you already have into a party bike! 

Before you buy:

Get your branding artwork ready. Look at our guidelines and make sure you allow 2-3 weeks during our busy season for printing to avoid rush fees. 

Did you buy enough pitchers for a crowd? If not, check out our packages with value pricing on pitchers. 

Take it to the next level with the Electric Fender Blender Pro, which generates Watts and pedals out smoothies at the same time. The electric power operates  separate from the mechanical blender drive and enables new activities on the same bike.  

Before you buy:

Watch our ‘ideal bike’ video or look at this infographic to know if your bike is a good choice.

You may need a quick release skewer, which we will  include for free if you request it at checkout. Is your bike sized right for your group? If not you may want to have a kids bike and an adult bike blender. 

Learn about coaching Pedal Power so you can be an excellent host when people step to pedal.

Buy Now! $2150 Buy Now! $559


Spin Art

When bellies are full of smoothies or treats, break out the art. Using our blender systems as a base, both models can spin a canvas into a creative masterpiece with our spin art attachment.

Spin Art + Fender Blender Pro Spin Art + Fender Blender Universale

• Pedaler gets an ideal view of the creative moments. 
• Fits kids down to 7. 
• Brand your Spin Art drum to match the rest of your branding.

• Use your bike’s lower gears to dial in the perfect spin art speed. 
• Get a second activity that works well in colder weather.

Buy Now! $675 Buy Now! $675


Pump it up with dance parties and live music. 

Live music is a great way to create an experience and our line of generator products do just that. Pedal powered dance parties are easy to set up and fun to pull off! Learn how our systems can support your next celebration.

Our AC generators in the Off The Wall line of products are the best option for a small scale dance party where you can show up with one bike and one speaker. This is our most affordable option for getting started. 

AC  Generators

Our Off The Wall line of pedal powered generators Produce AC current to charge phones and devices, and power a wide variety of ordinary or extra fun electronics (think dance parties with bubble machines and disco lights). These are single-bike setups. One Off The Wall generator can power 1-2 loudspeakers. We have selected a good compatible speaker, the Mackie DRM line, as being safe to pedal. You can test others or follow our recommendation. 

Our products are perfect for educational environments because they offer a tangible learning experience where you can feel the energy consumption of different devices through the resistance in your legs. The resistance will vary significantly between the bass-heavy vibrations of music and the lighter demands of spoken word. This is a great way to develop energy consciousness in a fun, physical way. 

Only Off The Wall Pro is compatible with our Off The Wall Recharge Station. There’s no official alternative for your own bike but the OTW generator stand does a great job at charging devices as well.

Off The Wall Pro Off The Wall Generator Stand

• Worry free event focused design on all Pros. 
• Pro seatposts are square and don’t spin. 
• Pros feature fast adjusting seat posts with a pull knob to switch between multiple riders.


• Ideal for fitness! Get a workout you control by adding more devices. Dial in the gear and then jam.
• Our quietest Off The Wall generator. The rubber on rubber generator has a pleasant pitch. 
• Quick setup lets you quickly swap bikes.

Buy Now! $2425 Buy Now! – $620


DC Generators

Team efforts are the most fun. Link up multiple bikes with our DC generators. You’ll need a Utility Box and you may benefit from the Pedalometer if you’ll be engaging 5 or more people. Simply pedal to keep it in the green, then use the Pure Sine 110V AC power to run normal devices including full sound systems. Any speakers will work! 

Generator Pro Roll Up Generator Stand


• Make a colorful fleet!
• Power a live music performance.
• Build your team with fun and collaboration.


• Highest power capacity tire rolling dynamo on the market.
• Compact design that you can easily bike anywhere with.
• Quick setup lets you quickly swap bikes.

Buy Now! – $2150 Buy Now! – $550


A colorful fleet powering a live performance at Maker Fair 2024 in Vallejo, CA


Choose Your Path

Using your own bike showcases the humble bicycle as a tool for empowerment. If your goal is to get more people riding, using a regular bike as your pedal power frame helps you make a beautiful statement. This is all the more powerful when you roll up to events on your bike, then convert it to pedal power mode. We’ve experienced many inspiring moments at the bikeable events we still do around our Oakland HQ. We plan to continue making more of our pedal powered activities compatible with your bike. Let us know which one you want to see next, an ice cream maker?

With our Pro frames, the benefit is the simplicity of a single-function machine. To a general audience it can come across with a much higher degree of polish, especially when you integrate your brand’s logo or a unique inspiring message. 

Either way we will help you get your group moving and active while giving energy back.