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Without you, bike culture is a ghost

ghost bike in Times Square

One way or another, you have found yourself at Rock the Bike. I’m going to take wild guess here and say that you care about bikes, you love bikes. But why? What is it about bikes that we care about? What do they represent. A bike is just a bunch of steel, rubber, maybe a little leather here and there.

It’s bike culture, the magic of the bike, that we love. And it’s not the gear, the kit, the bike, the steel, the titanium, the electronics, that makes bike culture. It’s you. It’s your spirit, coming through the streets of your town, your smile, your creativity and light radiating to the eyes of children and onlookers, encouraging them to experience life fully.

Bike culture can be photographed and videotaped, but can it be experienced through a screen?

Without you, bike culture is a ghost.