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Winterize your rig with the Down Low Glow


Derek from Olympia, Washington is doing it ( ) . Racer Rolf Hebenstreit from Northern Idaho is doing it. Jeff Youngstrom will probably be doing it next time it snows in Issaquah, Washington, now that his Down Low Glow has arrived. Mary Arnesson will be doing it in Minneapolis this winter, given her penchant for riding all year round

If you’re the type of rider who heads out in the snow, we want to be right there with you.

“The snow reflects the DLG lights nicely.” — Mary Arneson. 

“Hey Paul, They’re awesome on the snow!!
Cars slow down a block before they get to me! They must think I’m a “UFO” !!!
I ride to work almost every day from -2 degrees to about 15 degrees in the morning.
“DLG” & Nokian studded snow tires ROCK! The extra waterproofing is doing the job nicely.
Thank you again for a great product and great service. Over the bars….. Rolf.
P.S. Sorry No photos yet, it’s too cold at 5AM!!!!”

— Rolf Hebenstreit, master-class mountain bike racer, all-season commuter. From 2004.

The ‘extra waterproofing’ Rolf talked about is now standard on all Down Low Glow systems.



Jeff riding in the snow.
Jeff riding home from work in the snow. That’s the spirit!

Once you get past your initial hangups about gettng wet, riding in the rain and snow can make you feel so alive! You’re out there, flakes hitting your face, landing on your hands, odd sounds coming from your tires as they get caked. Sure, you probably wouldn’t want to do it every day this winter, but you probably won’t have to.

The few cars that are out there with you in the snow will need to see you. So in addition to adding a UFO look to your rig, the DLG will be creating a wider buffer space between you and drivers. They’ll be more likely to slow down sooner and cut you a wide berth than with blinkies alone.