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Wheely Fun Wheels – Pedal Powered Variety


I would like to tell you about Wheely Fun Wheels. We are a small bike try out company in England. Last year we bought a bike blender for our Xtracycle and haven’t looked back! It has now taken over as our main business. We have been hired by museums, schools, community events and eco conferences in many towns and cities in England.

We run a bike try out business with various three wheelers, recumbents and penny farthing. I have always been interested in having an Xtracycle and finally bought one a couple of years ago and fitted it to a Dutch 7 speed hub geared bike. To add to our try out show we then bought a blender from you and we haven’t looked back since!
We have been to lots of events this year – health promotion days, eco conferences, school eco days and community events. We live in the middle of England and have traveled as far as London, Newcastle and Liverpool as well as many more local events. Unfortunately we usually end up driving to events as our train companies don’t like bikes that are longer than normal. The Xtracycle fits neatly into the back of our Land Rover which we run partially on bio diesel.
We offer an event package with an all in cost for us to turn up to the event for however many hours the organisers want us and we get them to pre-order a certain number of smoothies. We serve the smoothies in 100% biodegradable cups which we take home to compost together with the fruit waste.

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