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What steps are involved in assembling the V3 Mundo?

The build of the V3 is quite easy and would take a bike person with medium bike mechanic skills 45 minutes to an hour and a half.  Whereas the previous model has a rear rack that bolted to the main frame, the V3’s rack is totally welded –  making the build much faster and the bike sturdier.

Buildup is:

  • front wheel
  • stem
  • side loader rack
  • seat
  • pedals
  • plastic top deck
  • final tuning of brakes, shifting

The bike comes with the rear wheel in place.

We highly recommend taking the bike to a trusted mechanic for a final tune-up after you’ve completed the build. A cargo bike is exposed to more abuse than ordinary bikes, so it’s all the more important that you get the drivetrain, brakes, wheels, bottom bracket, and other parts adjusted by an experienced mechanic.