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We eat our own dog food

One evening I dropped off a DLG to a customer on 18th St. in San Francisco. As he opened his door and walked down his steps towards my glowing bike, he said “You guys really eat your own dog food.”

We are a bicycle based business. We do not have a company car. We use public transportation and bike to work. We ship our products on our Xtracycle SUB’s.

Being a bike based business has been a conscious choice. We’ve had chances to buy and use cars that were very affordable. And we do borrow vehicles occasionally for distant or especially awkward tasks, perhaps 4-5 times per year.

The main benefit of being a bike-based business is that we get to be out there in the bike community. It helps us connect with future customers and employees. And it feels good to carry your DLG orders to the FEDEX depot on our bikes.