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Unlock the portal of social biking

If you’re the bike guy or gal in your family or circle of friends, the Down Low Glow will help you pull people in to the social biking experience. They’ll see that biking is the perfect way to relax and get the night started. And with the Down Low Glow, you’ll be keeping them safe as you cruise the city or the neighborhood.

Many less experienced bikers worry about safety around sunset and after dark. And rightfully so. But with the Down Low Glow, you can calm their fears and show them the fun, social side of biking. Before you know, people will be gathering at your place on Friday night, wanting to cruise on the bikes in your garage.

Our single tube DLG systems are a great way to go if you’re interested in hosting social rides. They’re easy to install and move from one bike to another, and they’re our least expensive DLG systems, so you can buy a couple and have one ready for a friend to join you on your next cruise. Mix the colors to get beautiful color fades happening under your bikes as you ride.