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UMDJ Crew at Maker Faire Austin

It’s been sweet getting involved with Make Magazine. I can’t think of another $15 magazine that I’d actually want to buy. We appeared at the Maker Faire in the Bay Area, and DJ Manny and Big Face represented at Maker Faire Austin.

Anyway, I wanted to post this shot because it’s good side view of the UMDJ rig. Manny recently installed the white skirt underneath the DJ booth. He wanted a place for sponsor logos.

It’s cool to see how he’s been getting local businesses involved in his project, including a sushi restaurant, a night club, and a fitness club. Cruiser Rides should be thinking along these lines more often. we have the potential to bring dozens or even hundreds of people to local businesses each week, whether it be cafes, restaurants, or bike shops. Many of these businesses are in real need of local outreach strategies that actually work.