Rock The Bike

Transporting Your Pro frame

What kind of vehicle should I use to transport the Pro frame?

Most hatchback style cars can usually fit at least one partially disassembled Pro frame inside. You’ll want to use a car with a large trunk; it’s even better if the back seats fold down to extend the trunk space.

A pickup truck can carry 2-4 fully built Pro frames in the bed. Most SUVs can carry a single Pro frame in the trunk with no disassembly. Smaller cars may probably require some small adjustments or disassembly such as lowering the handlebars, dropping the saddle, or removing the crossbar to fit in the trunk or back seat.

Most vehicles can fit 2 bike blenders with small adjustments or disassembly. We will provide the hex wrenches you’ll need to reassemble the bike again at your destination.

Any car will work if you’re using a regular bike rack.

Above: Tone transports a Fender Blender Pro on a sedan with a regular bike rack. Note the towel wrapped around the end of the crossbar to keep it from scratching the bumper.

A roof rack can help if you want to use a small car and don’t want to do any disassembly. Here’s a photo to show roof rack use and size comparison.

We encourage you to try bike towing with your rental bike. It’s fun, safe, practical, and reduces the carbon footprint of your event, and there is no disassembly required! Any bicycle with a rear rack can tow the Fender Blender Pro. There is no extra rental charge for the trailer wheels and hitch, or you can purchase the Tow Kit to travel with your bike blender.

*We recommend attempting to tow one bike at a time. Be careful on those turns!