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Trails and tribulations

well, finding this company was a bit of a god send; I’ve been looking into getting either a Trek 520 Touring, and new 2008 Ralliegh Sojourn (new touring bike w/ disk brakes) or simply a Surley Long Haul Trucker and more than likely adapting an Extra Cycle frame/bags.
Came out of the library 2 days ago, and saw the most interesting bike I’ve seen since the Dutch beer delivery rig crossed my sights, a mtn bike w/ this type of extension BUILT IN! 😀
Then, after getting ahold of a retail shop by the same name (Fraser) I found y’all.
Has anyone tryed to mount a Burley D’Lite or Corsair XT trailer to one of these, and what were the limitations? I wld love to hear back on this.

Aaron, Da Hobo wit’da mojo 😉