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Three different varieties of B17 Brooks Saddles now in stock

Snapped this shot of the Special Edition Honey B17 on my way home last night. The ‘Special Edition’ refers to the large hammered copper rivets that hold the leather to the saddle’s steel sub structure.

Rock the Bike has been selling Brooks Saddles since 2006, and we had the honor of being the second winner of their photo contest last spring:

Fossil Fool, the bike rapper, on Brooks Saddle home page

We have three variety of Brooks’ popular B17 in stock: Black, Honey, and Special Edition Honey.

Once again, here’s why you should ride a Brooks B17:

  • After a short, tolerable break-in period, it wil be the most comfortable saddle you’ve saddled up to.
  • It’s better for issues of bloodflow than narrower, more racy saddles, because it’s wide enough to support your sit bones, and it breaks in to your anatomy
  • It’s made of leather, which is cow skin, which is infinitely more breathable than foam rubber. Leather saddles are cooler in hot weather.
  • It lasts and lasts. The one on the red bike above might be two months or two years old.
  • Style, legacy


Here’s a standard edition B17 that I happened to spot on the way home last night:

Notice that the rivets that hold the saddle together are smaller and silver in color. Other than this, there is no difference between Special Edition and standard B17 saddles.