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The Soul Cycle head unit Rocks!

I’ve been using the soul cycle head unit with two Infinity 2 way 6 x 9 car stereo speakers that I picked up on close out special at Best Buy. The system rocks our Southbay Cruisers rides in Hermosa Beach,CA. I’ve found it loud enough for cruiser rides of 20 – 35 people. People on the ride get a kick out of the fact that there is actually a stereo on my bike too. I love that it is so small – even smaller than the picture makes it seem. And I love that it has just one set of wires to connect to your speakers. And the battery seems to last forever. I’ve ran it for as long as 5 hours at a time without charging it. I can easily take it on and off of my xtracycle and I don’t need a trailer for it.

If you want a stereo for your bike that’s loud enough for a cruisers ride, yet quiet enough for your cruisers to hold an audible conversation, and you can’t afford a custom built soul cycle, this may be the one for you. You could probably build one yourself for less money, but if time is a valuable commodity to you, and you aren’t a bike stereo building guru-check out the soul cycle head unit.