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The ‘Righteous’ Kickstand




A quality kickstand won’t slow you down, won’t let you down, and won’t let you fall down. But it will make you a lot cooler when you roll up to a cafe at night with your down low glow laying down a cloud of purple neon beneath you. And when you step off your rig and flick the kickstand down, you can leave your lights on for a few minutes while you say hi to your friends, buy yourself a beverage, and take a seat. The ‘Righteous’ kickstand makes it all possible. Righteous!

Greenfield Righteous KickstandKickstands are cool again. The ‘Righteous’ kickstand is the coolest way to keep your bike upright when you’re stopped at the cafe. Stop looking for walls to lean against! With your Self-Righteous kickstand, you’ll always have a suave arrival.

Technically speaking, this kickstand is a real champ. It clamps on the rear of your frame, which actually makes it faster and more stable than the standard mounting point (behind the bottom bracket.) Plus, it doesn’t block the rear tube of a Down Low Glow Dual Tube System. It’s made of aluminum, and features a 4-bolt mount (rather than the usual single-bolt mount that is prone to loosening). It’s aluminum engineering is beefy enough to make it the kickstand of choice up at Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle landia (where they carry heavy loads frequently). It’s got only one moving part. You’ll have it forever.

Why did kickstands go out of fashioned back in the nineties? It has to do with the anorexic mountain bike industry doing anything it could to sell lighter bikes. Anything that made bikes heavier was now taboo, even if it made biking much cooler in everyday life.

But get this — most of the people buying those lightweight mountain bikes were riding them around the city (or college campus), places where you really need a kickstand.

Now, if your wondering, will this kickstand make me slower? The answer is no. Yeah, it adds .75 pounds to your bike. But this weight is low down on the frame. Where you really want to be concerned about adding weight is in your wheels. If you want to go faster, get high-quality slick tires, and pump them up to 80 pounds of pressure.


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