Rock The Bike

The Beat Pedal Power Head Unit

This head unit gets you bumping with pedal power.  A clear box mounts to your handle bars, inside is and amp, power conditioning and protection circuitry and power gauges, as well as any of the options listed below. The head unit can be powered by the Pitcher Mounted Power Generator or Electric Fender Blender Pro.

With this Head Unit the rider can power :

-12v devices plugged into a coax outlet

-a built in sound amplifier (just add speakers) that can be easily connected to an iPod or mini-plug microphone.  Uses the same high efficiency digital amplifier as the In-The-Pocket head unit

-optional* 250 Watt on board inverter for powering AC devices (like a PA sound system or laptop) plugged into a standard Edison outlet (aka NEMA-5) ($225)

-optional* 4-channel audio mixer — helps you rap or make presentations w/ microphone jack mounted to the top panel. ($240)

-optional* Envy Green Down Low Glow indicator light,  that can be attached to the bike, drawing the audiences’ attention and illuminating when the system comes to life up or going dim as the system voltage gets low. ($100)

-optional* Pitcher Mounted Power Generator or Electric Fender Blender Pro

-also includes

  • voltage and current meters, lets you know how much power is being generated and if enough power is coming in to avoid the devices turning off
  • mount for ipod or other audio device
  • KlickFix mounting system – secure mounting to your handlebars using this German-engineered system, easy release with one-button and can be reattached to a different bike with an extra bike clip in seconds

-optional battery pack for making tunes while riding without the additional effort of pedal power

*Please note that not all optional accessories will fit into one Soul Cycle Head Unit.  Call Rock the Bike at 1-888-354-BIKE (2453) to discuss which options are best for you.


Price: $875.00