Rock The Bike

The Arbduino

Now you can use our code and board to create exciting new Pedal Power activities or emulate Rock The Bike’s work in a project setting. (Just remember to send us some pictures!) This small square circuit board is the brains behind our most popular Pedal Power products: the Utility Box, the sLEDgehammer, and the Recharge Station. Buy one and get access to our code on an open-source basis, then add your own code and start innovating. Be on the cutting edge of Pedal Power!

Feel supported by your pedal power friends at Rock The Bike as our years of R&D on the Arbduino save you the frustration of having voltage spikes fry your electronics. The Arbduino integrates your code safely while you focus on the dynamics of your pedal powered activity. The components of the Arbduino have been spec’ed for the real conditions of Pedal Power, which in practice are very different from using a bench top power supply.

Arbduino comes from Arduino, the popular open-source microcontroller from the maker/hacker scene. The arb part is a reference to El Arbol, our flagship custom party bike, whose stunning light sequence you’ll see at nighttime Rock The Bike events. Its Arbduino turns the lights on and off and makes it into a one-bike activity. Tweaking the word arduino is the common way to name your variant on the technology – this is the Pedal Power Arduino.

We offer different levels of build, from a raw circuit board and a parts list to a completely soldered circuit board. Please read their descriptions and tech notes to decide which one’s right for you. We recommend the soldered board so you can spend your time doing the project you bought it for. Or get one in kit form and one that’s soldered — use the kit form one to copy the model, and keep one for backup in case you make a mistake and blow a component.