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Thanks Bicycle Music Festival fans, crew, and bands for an amazing 2010 festival!

Justin Ancheta performing LiveOnBike at the 2010 San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, co-produced by Rock The Bike.

Fans pedal powered 7 hours of live local music.

Here you see the three key elements of a Pedal Powered Stage in action:

  • Generators: In this case a Biker Bar (the 3-person rig in the foreground) and two Electric Mundos.
  • Pedalometer: The floating beer can in the tube rises and falls, showing pedalers how hard to pedal.
  • Pedal Power Utility Box: the box on the table. It accepts inputs from up to 7 pedalers, smooths out the peaks and valleys of Pedal Power, and serves up clean pure sine AC power to our audio gear. Protects circuitry behind a plexiglass panel.

As usual with our local¬†events our trusty roadies hauled all of our Pedal Powered Stage gear to and from the venues on cargo bikes, such as the Mundo and the Xtracycle. In the foreground special Roadie guest Aaron from Aaron’s Bike Repair in Seattle carries his girlfriend and tows our Biker Bar. Strong!

Once we set up our Pedal Powered Stage, we wasted no time getting band after local band amplified. Here’s the Tri Tip Trio breaking it down at Golden Gate Park.

El Arbol in effect as a two-person generator.

Locura got the dancing started at Showplace Triangle, our night venue.  photo: Aufdencamp

Obo Martin, LiveOnBike. photo: Aufdencamp

1st time Golden Goose Lindsey rolling with the pack. The Golden Geese are the volunteers who shake the buckets for musicians after each set.

Untitled from TyrellVoightKampff on Vimeo.


Karlanga’s Silk Performance from TyrellVoightKampff on Vimeo.


Our night venue: Showplace Triangle, the largest of San Francisco’s popular “Pavement to Parks” mini parks.

It was our first time offering monitored bike parking at one of our events. Thanks Sam and the crew from DPW for your help!