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Thanks and Sup. Avalos’ office for the opportunity to Pedal Power Bill McKibben


When I heard Bill McKibben was going to be in San Francisco to announce a recent success in Supervisor Avalos’s initiative for San Francisco to divest from Oil giants, I jumped at the chance to Pedal Power the speech. Avalos’ office put me in touch with the organizers who were excited to make it happen. 

On the day of the rally, Nio and I transported two of our Modified JBL Loudspeakers and towed one electric Fender Blender Pro to use as the generator. We used our newest Pedal Powered Stage system for small events, called One Bike / One Speaker, in which the ultracapacitor (storage tank) and protection circuitry are inside one of the speakers. There’s no red customized toolbox as there usually has been in Rock The Bike’s Pedal Power setups. This makes it fast to set up, and easier to transport.

The first thing Bill did when taking the stage was fist-bump the pedaler. His message on the mic is very inclusive and echoes previous giants of social movements: “We may not beat this challenge, but I so look forward to fighting alongside all of you.

I love that in the AP’s entire article about divestment, the only mention of bicycling is in the lead photo. Rock The Bike!

The sound was loud and crisp. Nio and I even had time to sound check properly before the press conference started. The 1-bike system could have handled a crowd 2-3 times larger. 

Check out some of the speeches by McKibben, Avalos, and student organizers: