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Fender Blender Universale Support

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This page contains multiple resources all designed to support your use of the Fender Blender Universale.

Choosing The Ideal Bike

It’s important to make sure you have the right bike. The following video provides a walk through on what makes an ideal bike for blending on the Universale. A wide variety of bikes will work but some wont. Watch the video to find out what won’t work. Look at the graphic below for a quick reference in case you forget. Looking for a simpler option? Check out our Fender Blender Pro model.

0:00 Introduction

0:12 Wheel sizes that will work

0:39 Step-through frames are ideal for ease of use, but not essential!

0:49 More gears makes for easier, more efficient blending

1:14 Compatible axles (& how we can help if yours aren’t!)

1:47 No Rear Fender

1:58 NO Built-in Rack

2:08 Mounting Points

2:40 NO Rear Suspension

2:57 Comfortable Seat, Handlebars & Handgrips

3:05 Adjustable Seat Post

3:15 Wide, smooth tires are the best

3:50 BONUS: A colorful, bright, sweet-looking frame!


Ideal Bike – Quick Visual


This video will show you how to assemble

your Fender Blender Universal and transform your bike into a smoothie-making machine. This step-by-step guide ensures a seamless setup. You will be pedaling your way to delicious, freshly blended drinks in no time.

0:00 Introducing Rock the Bike’s Fender Blender Universal(e)!

0:09 What you’ll need

0:19 Setting up the stand & attaching a compatible bike

0:40 This step requires help from a friend

1:11 Mounting the Rack for the Fender Blender Universale

2:48 Common adaptations & adjustments for the Rack Mounting

3:13 Attaching & Positioning the Blender Base

4:11 Correct Roller Pressure

4:18 Inflate tires to correct pressure & get blending!


Looking for more support?

Still stuck? Check out our troubleshooting tips or contact us for more help. 1-888-354-2453

Smoothie Recipes: If you want some inspiration or a quick step by step check out our Recipes Page!


Looking For An Upgrade?

The Fender Blender Pro offers a number of advantages over the Universale. Choosing the pro model ensures that the most professional setup possible for a smooth bike blending experience.

Learn more about the Fender Blender Pro


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Fender Blender Pro Assembly

Crewmember Maisha from the Rock The Bike events team goes step by step through the assembly of the Fender Blender Pro. For best results have your owner’s manual in addition to this video.

Packaging: 0:13

Crossbeam: 0:53

Rear Legs: 1:45

Pedals: 2:48

Wheel & Chain: 3:27

Seat Post: 5:11

Stem & Handlebars: 5:58

Blender Base: 7:03

Transportation: 7:50

Blending: 8:03

Fender Blender Pro High Performance Manual

2022 Fender Blender Pro High Performance Manual (square seatpost)

Fender Blender Pro

Anyone can do it! Get ready to blend by following our best tips.

Still stuck? Check out our troubleshooting tips or contact us for more help. 1-888-354-2453 

Fender Blender Mundo

Production team member Laird powers the Fender Blender Mundo to make a delicious beverage! Video taken by Kate from Yuba!

Andre Thierry Live and Pedal Powered at the 2019 Montclair Beer Wine & Music Fest



Music lovers dance in the street to the authentic zydeco sounds of Andre Thierry, a Bay Area trio. A 10-bike system was enough to power a block party music stage. A local spin class called CRUfit showed up with 7 strong adult riders ready for a workout. 3 more bikes provided slots for the general public to hop on and help. The sound system used approximately 500W average during the hour long performance, meaning that the average power required from each pedaler is about 50W. Power is stabilized and stored in the Pedal Power Utility Boxes, though its ultracapacitor is only large enough to provide a 2-3 minute buffer. Pedalers were coached to “keep it in the green” which refers to the level of the ‘Pedalometer’.



Pedal Powered Stage
Andre Thierry Music
Winter Williams Presents
Green Edge Studios


The Carpoon

This is a stunt video, not an education video. The idea was to recreate a tool I read about in the book “Snowcrash”. The device is called the carpoon and it costs $5. The Carpoon: Designed to attach to large slow moving vehicles and allow a bike to quietly skitch behind it. Enjoy.

Street performing at Lightning in a Bottle this past weekend.

This was one of about 10-15 short performances I did during the festival. Later in the video you see footage of Brenda talking about the bike she just one from New Belgium and Clif Bar. I thought she was rad so I sponsored her with a Down Low Glow for the bike she just bought.

New Down Low Glow video set to “Boda Boda Rap” by Fossil Fool and Lawi One

Here’s a cool video compilation of the Down Low Glow shots we’ve posted to Flickr over the last two years.

The music in the video is a track called “Boda Boda Rap” I worked on when I was working in Kisumu, Kenya for . My partner and friend Ed Lucero had found us a sweet apartment, and he had been there for almost a year when I arrived in March 2006. I was trying to help Ed finish up the marketing and monitoring for the Big Boda Trial Market, for which I had raised the funds. It was hard work selling bikes in Kenya, but Ed and I had great teamwork and lots of fun together.

Anyway at night at the apartment, Ed’s friends would come over. When they met me, I told them I was a rapper and gave them a sample. I told them I was writing a song about the Boda Boda bicycle taxi operators. The next night they came back with Lawi One, and we hit it off immediately. He installed a bootleg copy of Fruity Loops on my laptop and we would make beats until the battery died, then go out cruising in the warm Kisumu night air. He wrote a verse and I wrote three.

On my last night in Kisumu, Thao and I took a cab to his recording studio in a dank basement. It was me, Lawi One, and his friend who wanted to sing backup but who I thought had no rhythm. We laid down the track in about 4 hours. Thao and I left to get on the night bus to Nairobi. A month later Lawi One emailed me the MP3 and it’s the only thing I have of the song. But my other friend Chris Okiri emailed me to say that the local radio station was playing it every so often.

I lost touch with Lawi One last year. I think he moved from Kisumu to Sweden of all places. But I don’t have his email anymore. Maybe someone who knows him will search for his name on the internet, see this and contact me.

Jacquie Phelan gives the low down on women and bicycling at Velosport in Berkeley

Geoffrey and I headed to Velosport after work to hear Jacquie Phelan, the former women’s mountain bike champion, discussing her experiences as a woman in the world of mountain bike racing. Here are a few highlights:

At 15:35: “I am a racer… I’m intensely competitive. I’m more motivated when I can tell the person next to me has an issue with me passing them. It’s like getting a caffeine suppository… Maybe it’s the testosterone… There’s got to be a safe place for that to come out… So you don’t actually beat people up…”

At 22:00: A woman in the audience who has worked with Jacquie in the past relates a story of Jacquie pulling her Eldridge Grade (Mount Tam) with a bungie cord.

At 28:00: Jacquie tells a story about Honda sponsoring the Safe Routes to School program in Marin Country. The son of Joe Breeze notices that, in the instructional DVD she was required to play, all the cars are Hondas except for the one that mows down a little kid on a bike.

A closer look at Jay Broemmel’s Dragon Bike

Jay Broemmel's Dragon Bike

Jay’s Dragon Bike was a big hit at last night’s Bike Culture Night and will be on tonight’s New Year’s Cruise. Unfortunately Jay was out of town at a race last night, but was cool enough to let me borrow the Dragon. On the way to the event, walking down Valencia with the Dragon, all the eyes were following us from various restaurants and cafes. It made it easy to hand out flyers for the event.

On our way to return the Dragon Bike to Jay’s garage after the event, Mafi and I headed down Lexington St., where this time of year, they have beautiful lights and decorations. We stopped under the disco ball to show off some of the sweet details of Jay’s new Dragon Bike .