Rock The Bike

Antioquia is on Tour to Santa Cruz

Ran into Antioquia on my way to work. The band got seriously inspired by riding around San Francisco with us at Bicycle Music Festival this year and are now on their way to Santa Cruz on Xtracycle SUB’s. It’s a shake-down tour, getting used to being bike-touring musicians. In the future they’re hoping to have their own pedal-powered PA system for live shows. Here’s one of their videos below from performing at the Bicycle Music Festival in June.

Check out their upcoming shows this weekend and October 7 at the Elbo Room in SF!

Musician Peter Mulvey stays local, in “Look Ma, No Gasoline” tour.

For a healthy Friday afternoon dose of bike culture inspiration, follow the link above and check out Peter Mulvey‘s video.

After making a career as a singer/songwriter he admits “I’ve had a great old time” touring Europe and North America by plane and car, “and I’ve burned a lot of gasoline doing so.”

For a week and a half last fall, Peter stayed closer to home, hitting shows in Fort Atkinson, Madison, Green Lake, Osh Kosh, and Sheboigan Wisconsin.