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Soul Cycle DIT Head Unit Box


The Soul Cycle Head Unit is an attractive control panel and project box that makes wiring a snap. 

Empty (before a project is put into it)

Whether you’re working on a custom Soul Cycle using one of our Soul Cycle Mothership cabinets, or a sound system or human power project of your own creation, the wiring can be a major challenge. It’s always the last thing you do, which means you’re likely to be be running up against a deadline when it comes time to wire up your creation. That’s when the Soul Cycle DIT Head Unit can really come in handy. With this Head Unit you instantly have:

  • an attractive control panel that’s perfect for either cruising with music, or human power demonstrations.
  • Mounts on your handlebars with the excellent KlickFix quick release system. Secure, quick, fun, and suave. Click. Click. Ready to cruise.
  • Comes with the 8-way quick-release electrical connector. Road tested strain relief and wire management! This means you can separate the Head Unit from your wiring harness with a single twist-unlock move.
  • The top surface of the Head Unit is a removable plate of polycarbonate. Drill it, cut it, customize it, then attach it with four screws. If you make a bad mistake, throw it out and start again without sacrificing the whole head unit.
  • Can be reused for new projects. You might have a great time with your Human Power at indoor events in the wintertime, then want to create a Soul Cycle to lead social rides in the summertime. The Head Unit can be rewired and re-purposed.
  • Optional 4-channel mixer helps you make announcements through the Mothership. Wire microphone jack into the top panel. You’ll get the effect of “plugging in to the bike.”

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Price: $225.00