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Fun, accurate, motivating, and visible from anywhere in the venue.


The 4′ tall Pedalometer is an amazing help at Pedal Powered Stage events. This precisely calibrated system uses color-coded LED lights to display pedaling effort. Different colored sections correspond to dangerously low, dangerously high, and ‘sweet spot’ voltages. Your sound engineer and audience will know it’s time to kick up the pedaling when the LEDs blink red, or to cruise when white.

Photo Cred: Volker Neumann

Compatible with all Rock the Bike Pedal Power Utility Boxes and can be made to work with a Pedal Power Stage of your making. As part of a Pedal Power Stage purchase, it will be calibrated to your gear. If you already own the Pedal Power Stage, we’ll ask you a few questions about your gear to ensure it is calibrated (please call 1-888-354-BIKE).

See our Video Demonstration of the Pedalometer

Status: Built to Order

Price: $1,150.00

Our classic Pedalometer design in which a fan blows a beer can is now up-to-the-second with an LED display, but we still can’t forget the vintage version…