Rock The Bike

DLG enhances nighttime mountain biking.

Take to the woods with your favorite mountain bike, a high intensity headlight, and the Down Low Glow.

The Down Low Glow adds an otherworldly ambience to night-time trail rides.
Your friends will appreciate the additional light when they’re chasing you down a gully.

Ride like your normally ride. The Down Low Glow’s special shockproofing means you don’t have to slow down on your favorite trails.

Pictured is a Light & Motion ARC headlight. This lighting system costs nearly $400, but in our opinion, it’s worth the money. The main benefit is the crisp, clear, white light, and long battery life. The bike shown here is an Xtracycle Sport Utility Bicycle (Their FreeRadical kit extends your favorite mountain bike, adding cargo capacity and improving the stability through mud, gravel, and dry leaves.)

Challenge yourself, but don’t forget to use the buddy system when riding off-road at night. Injuries or mechanical problems can quickly become serious when your lights wear out and the cold sets in. So ride safe, and enjoy!