Rock The Bike

The Making of the Icebreaker Video

In Rock The Bike’s first fully produced commercial with a fictional plot line, we rented a house in the Berkeley Hills with an epic sunset view to capture the feeling of an event powered by ice, lime, and pure human potential! Equipped with Off The Wall Pro powering the DJ booth and the Electric Fender Blender Pro blending margaritas, we wanted to meet new potential fans who are ready to take their outdoor parties to the next level!

The menu featured pomegranate margaritas and the tunes were bumping with DJ Thiago on the 1’s and 0’s. We had a fabulous crew working behind the scenes to bring this shoot to life. Take a look and please share the video!

To find out more about the products used in this video, follow the links below! For blending the margaritas of the night, we had our newest model of the Electric Fender Blender Pro  (with the Off the Wall Generator wheel). Not to mention our brand new light, “Here We Glow”, which magnetically snaps to your Electric Fender Blender Pro or Off The Wall Pro. Check out our special promotion below and learn about how to get free shipping on your upcoming orders!


In our shoot Off The Wall Pro was powering only the right speaker. We ran the left speaker (out of view in the photo) on wall power. We did this so that music would stay on at our shoot even when pedaling stopped. The turntables and DJ gear on the table with all of its devices also ran on wall power. We ran the right speaker louder than the left so when it came on it was clearly pedal powered sound. This was the right solution for a video shoot, and it could also come in handy at a school event with smaller kids trying to pedal. They can do it, but they require more coaching and therefore you’d expect to hear more outages. If some music is always on, it can keep the dance grooving and take the pressure off little pedalers. 


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