Rock The Bike

The sLEDgehammer has escaped the tube.

pedal powered game

Our Pedal Powered lighting challenge, the sLEDgehammer, has escaped the tube.  We’ve both advanced the circuitry and the creativity of this piece of gear, making it even more of a crowd pleaser.

The sLEDgehammer is a Pedal Power game where you have to pedal really hard (but not for very long) to win. When you win, the power you’ve built up by pedaling gets unleashed in a dazzling light sequence. In the example above, a river appears to flow down the courtyard away from the pedaler, then the Peace & Love sign lights up. The 9-segment ‘reward’ sequence lasts only a couple seconds. When someone wins the game and sees the sequence, there’s a palpable release of energy. The celebrations are awesome to see. At the holiday party where we set this up, people were shouting “Peace & Love!”

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LED Rear Blinky *ON SALE*

This is a Q-Lite 3-Led blinky with 2 wide angle LEDs for better lateral visibility and 1 with a narrow angle lense to alert drivers to your presence from a great distance.

The best modes are those in which the heartbeat pulse of the bright top LED alternates a double-pulse and an alternating pulse of the other two.


*ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME – reduced from $16*  11.1.2011


in stock



In The Box:

1 rear blinky 1 mounting piece, with rubber shims for different sized tubing 1 pair AAA batteries

Price: $11.00