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Urban trials rider Danny MacAskill shows his incredible skill and creativity in this inspiring 5 minute video. Great music, too, from Band of Horses. Set in Edinburgh, Scotland. Thanks for the link, Chris Tom!


Junk Raft complete mission to Hawaii

Wonder what happened to the environmentalists sailing to Hawaii on a raft made of 15000 discarded plastic bottles? Well, they dodged hurricanes, collected ocean samples, found plastic in the bellies of fish they caught for food, and managed to meet up with their friend Roz Savage, a fellow environmentalist rowing a motorless craft to Hawaii.  Their route to the 808 state, after some initial windless drifting from LA, basically looks like a straight line.  JUNK across the PacificOne might think, “Hmm, not bad, maybe I should build a raft out of plastic bottles.” And there would certainly be no shortage of bottles for you to try it out, which is precisely the idea behind the Junk’s voyage. The crew of the Junk and their LA-based support team certainly raised my personal awareness of plastic consumption with their mission and blog.  I’ve tried experiments like zero plastic bag shopping trips and have remembered to bring my own water bottle in my messenger bag.

The crew of the Junk are planning a bike trip from Vancouver to Mexico to continue to spread the word about their work. And they’re looking into Rock the Bike’s Soul Cycle music systems to be able to host social rides and speak through the microphone at their events.

And here are a couple more links while we’re on this topic:

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