Rock The Bike

Soul Cycle “In the Pocket”

Key Features:

  • Fastest on-off time of any Soul Cycle. This is the simplest way to go cruising with music on a bicycle.
  • 30-watt integrated digital amplifier great for personal listening or small party rides.
  • Satisfying bass response — big enough to be felt, not just heard.
  • Compatible with household bookshelf speakers or car audio speakers. You can start with bookshelf speakers and later build a custom wooden cabinet to fit your bike.
  • Contains rechargeable battery good for 5-8 hours of music.
  • Attractive wooden head unit is light weight (2 pounds) and compact (about the size of 4 CD cases stacked on top of one another).
  • Works with your iPod or MP3 player.
  • Uses Klickfix handlebar mount system – compatible with many front packs. You can use a front pack on the days you’re not Soul Cycling.
  • Short lead time — this item is either in stock in the fossilfool store, or we can make to order in about 1-2 weeks. Call us at 888-354-2453 to check.


Customer testimonials: “I took it out for a good 4 hour ride yesterday and it rocked! Many smiles and comments from the people. Much of where I biked was an amazing commuter greenway that has been in the works for the last few years – it travels along old railroad tracks which are banked on each side with either grass/landscaping/gardens or buildings. The sound was HUGE there especially. I’m excited to take it to a festival this Saturday.”
“On Saturday I rode 44 miles with the Soul Cycle, to and from the Summit Brewing 20th Anniversary concerts/festival. Fantastic! Biked along the Mississippi river through heavy woods for many miles and on the Greenway as well… Lots of smiles and comments once again. The sound was incredible.”


in stock



In The Box:
  • One Soul Cycle “In the Pocket” Head Unit
  • Wiring harness
  • Klickfix handlebar attachment
  • Smart charger
Price: $475.00

Two YouTube videos capture the feeling of cruising with music

It’s hard to capture on video the feeling of a good cruiser ride, but these two come pretty close. The first video, made by ultradistance rider Paul McKensie, was used on the tourbus of Clif Bar’s excellent 2-Mile Challenge. It was shot with a handful of friends and Clif folks at my place in the Mission. It’s got a beautiful shot of Mafiosa and I cruising in front of Mona Caron’s Bikeway Mural.

The second was shot by Wild Johnny, who leads the South Bay Cruiser Ride down in Redondo Beach. This one was shot at Santa Monica Critical Mass from his Xtracycle with a backwards facing web cam. Despite the grainy video, it’s got some good, spirited footage. Check out wild dance sequences, especially the first few seconds of the video.

Although the video itself is set to some groovy rock music, all the people dancing in the video were getting their beat from John’s Soul Cycle Head Unit. There are a handful of cool testimonials about the product, including one from John.

While we’re on the subject of backwards-facing video shoots, last night I helped out a local electro pop band called The Rubies make a music video “I feel electric.” The Swedish director Mattias wanted to capture some of San Francisco’s bike culture and wanted to use bikes with the Down Low Glow.

The Soul Cycle head unit Rocks!

I’ve been using the soul cycle head unit with two Infinity 2 way 6 x 9 car stereo speakers that I picked up on close out special at Best Buy. The system rocks our Southbay Cruisers rides in Hermosa Beach,CA. I’ve found it loud enough for cruiser rides of 20 – 35 people. People on the ride get a kick out of the fact that there is actually a stereo on my bike too. I love that it is so small – even smaller than the picture makes it seem. And I love that it has just one set of wires to connect to your speakers. And the battery seems to last forever. I’ve ran it for as long as 5 hours at a time without charging it. I can easily take it on and off of my xtracycle and I don’t need a trailer for it.

If you want a stereo for your bike that’s loud enough for a cruisers ride, yet quiet enough for your cruisers to hold an audible conversation, and you can’t afford a custom built soul cycle, this may be the one for you. You could probably build one yourself for less money, but if time is a valuable commodity to you, and you aren’t a bike stereo building guru-check out the soul cycle head unit.