Rock The Bike

Pedal Powering Youth Speaks assembly at Lincoln High School

Lincoln high athletes powering Youth Speaks event.

Youth Speaks’ Brian rocks the mike as Lincoln High athletes power the audio gear (and answer questions while they’re at it).

Big thanks to Lincoln High School and ESLI for inviting Rock The Bike to two days of environmental assemblies and education.

Leif carrying speaker on the Mundo

Riding to the event early in the morning, hauling the massive JBL PRX 535 speaker. It happened to be Bike To Work Day.

Bike To Work day traffic on Valencia

That’s like 8 bags I didn’t bring into existence.

Lately I’ve been carrying sturdy plastic bags with me to waterproof my Xtracycle.

So when I headed to the market to buy supplies for Bike Blended Smoothies on a rainy night in SF this past weekend, I just grabbed the bag I had with me.

As I went through the produce section, I started putting all the separate fruits in their own bags, which I then would put in my basket. Then I started thinking, “so many bags”. So I just put everything in my sturdy plastic bag, as an experiment. It all made it back fine to my place, though checking out took a little longer than usual.

1 bag not 9