Rock The Bike

Joey Mac, bicycle customizer.

Joey leads the Rochester Cruiser Ride, and is developing a fleet of ‘Spaceliners’ he restores and customizes.


The coolest lighting setup we’ve seen in awhile

Derek Pearson modded Rat Fink / Xtracycle combo with custom skateboard snapdeck, Down Low Glow, and quad taillights.

Check the latest lighting mod from photographer Derek Pearson: A Pink Fink / Xtracycle combo with custom skateboard snapdeck, Envy Green Down Low Glow (matching the skateboard wheels), Plush Red DLG in the front, and quad Serfas TL 1000 taillights.

“Those taillights are serfas tl 1000 and I’m bummed to say that they just discontinued the line. Raddest taillights ever.”


A Beautiful Stretch cruiser

Thanks to Bike Rod N Kustom for posting this amazing cruiser, Elliot Norris’ Full Tilt. If you’ve never read BR&K before, it’s highly recommended. Great community site for the custom chopper and cruiser scene. A new ‘edition’ of this web magazine comes out, roughly, three times a year. And the editors host a cool series of events in Louisiana and New York.



Should a chopper bicycle have a fake gas tank, fake tailpipe, or fake engine?

Hey bike people,

There’s an awesome discussion of an amazing chopper bicycle over at

Part of the discussion get into the issue of whether a beautiful chopper like this should have a fake engine that is purely cosmetic and offers no functional benefit to the rider.

So what do you think? Yes chopper bicycles do owe their lineage to chopper motorcycles. But on the other hand, a chopper bicycle is a beautiful thing, a bicycle thing. It’s a different experience to be on a chopper bicycle from a chopper motorcycle. Don’t direct motorcycle visual cues like fake engines and tailpipes stick out like an “I’d rather be riding a motorcycle” T-shirt?

I guess I’ve made my own views clear, but wait! What about gas tanks? Of course, they’re just like fake engines and tail pipes, right? Well, maybe, but c’mon, did you look at the swept back ‘tank’ on the ‘NostalgiaRider’s’ chopper above? Holy *&y$! It’s freaking beautiful!

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