Rock The Bike

Make your University’s exercise and nutritional programs sustainable and fun! 

Empower: Health and Wellness

Rock the Bike’s Fender Blender Pro can be customized with your University’s logo and branding.

Generate a buzz while encouraging exercise, nutrition and wellness activities! These bikes make a great addition to student activity centers, cafeterias or recreation centers.

Check out our customization options below:

To make it easy, we offer the Event Pro Package :

Save $260 when purchasing a High Performance Fender Blender Pro with wheelcover branding, frame branding, easy rolling transport wheels, and a total of two Blendtec Pitchers.



Generate: DIY Festivals

Inspire student led environmentalism, music events and community building with our bike generator kit called “Party in a Box”      


Rock the Bike offers lots of options when it comes to pedal powered concerts, but our best, all inclusive Pedal Powered package for colleges and universities is the Party in a Box.

Party in a box includes everything except the bikes! Ten Roll Up Generator Stands, a Pedalometer and a concert ready Utility Box that fits inside of a closet! Your university may already have a community bike program with functional bikes distributed around campus. Well, this is a great way to utilize those bikes for an “Off-Grid” sustainable concert! We can consult with you about what type of sound system will work the best with our system. Read below about how one inspired student at Northern Arizona University spearheaded her University’s first bike-powered festival after seeing one of Rock the Bike’s concerts at Ecocella. 


Northern Arizona University student Joanna Wheaton was highly inspired when she saw Rock the Bike’s music event at Ecochella in 2013. 

“It was easily a major highlight of my undergrad experience at UCLA, and I know the same was true for many of my peers, regardless of whether they were part of UCLA’s sustainability bubble.”

We had a chance to interview Joanna about how she did it and if she thinks its possible for students at other universities around the nation to go green and celebrate sustainability. She was happy to share the details of how she made it happen in hopes that more students like her will encourage their colleges to go green!

Below we share some highlights from her proposal to her Environmental Student Caucus funding team, explaining her motivations and visions for NAU’s purchase of a Rock the Bike sound system:

“The goal of our project is to obtain a “fleet” of bicycle power generators to use at Green Jacks’ Earth Jam in April 2019, as well as at relevant future events. With 10 bicycle generator stands, a pedal power utility box, and a pedalometer, it will be possible to generate enough energy to power the musical performances at annual Earth Jam events. With this basic setup, it will be possible to power a variety of existing student events with bicycles, such as Earth Jam and the Better World Film Series. It will also be possible to utilize the bike generators as stand-alone features powering, for example, blenders, device chargers, ice cream makers, a single PA speaker, and any number of other small electrical appliances. Incorporating bike-power into educational and outreach efforts in this way would provide a fun, interactive, healthy, and emissions-free way for the community to engage with sustainability.”

Help your University campus promote awareness of energy usage, support the culture and awareness of sustainability and promote bicycling as transportation while inspiring community collaboration across multiple categories. 

Joanna also highlighted that “the baseline need for energy generation also presents natural opportunities for reaching out to student groups whose members are not necessarily interested in sustainability.” One great benefit of these events are that they encourage healthy competition between groups who might normally not interact. At NAU they organized groups to take turns powering the sound system: sororities, fraternities, bike clubs, sports teams, and residential halls, while employing college bands for the entertainment, and both student and faculty speakers to discuss important environmental themes impacting the world right now. 

We applaud Joanna for spearheading such a beneficial project for her university and we hope you are inspired to do the same!!

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