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Icycleta Ice Cream Bike Attachment and Fender Blender Pro

The Icycleta and Fender Blender Pro in one click! Blend beverages and other pureed treats on your Fender Blender Pro, or churn up icecream with the Icycleta attachement.

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Availability: In Stock, Build Time 10 - 14 Days


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Make 1.5 gallons of ice cream in 20 minutes of relaxed pedaling, or bike blend beverages with the same frame!

  • The Icycleta goes on and off your FB Pro without tools.
  • Starting with a simple ice cream base (see our recipes), makes a gallon and a half of ice cream in 20 minutes of pedaling.
  • The canister, with its clear lid, sits low on the front so kids can look inside. Canisters are among the sturdiest out there - steel, with a fiberglas churn and container, built to last in Amish country.
  • The mechanism is a great intro to STEM, involving lots of physics you can demonstrate while it's in use. People can eat ice cream, pedal, learn and teach physics, all in one place.
  • Normal pedaling moves the churn at the perfect speed for making gourmet ice cream, according to pastry chef Kate Zuckerman. Pedaling is smooth, easy, and pleasant. Gelato consistency comes together as you pedal - resistance is not huge, so just put a bigger kid on at the end. Look into canister to see whether it's done.
  • Great for company picnics, summer camps, birthday parties, ice cream parlors, farmers’ markets, Edible Schoolyard and farm events. One ice cream company in NY has four for party rentals – and keeps them constantly rented.


Assembled Dimensions: TBD

Available Colors: GreenBlueRed, or Orange. Custom color +$450

In the Box:

  • One Fender Blender Pro base
  • One Impact-Resistant 48 oz Blendtec Pitcher (NSF-rated) with Retention Strap
  • Icycleta Ice Cream Bike Attachment 
  • One Slip-Proof V Belt in black
  • One Ice Cream Immergood canister with clear lid
  • One Front Wheel with crossover/conversion feature
    Everything listed above ships in three boxes


Make two flavors, or just make more ice cream by adding on an additional canister +$280 

Double the amount of smoothies you create! Add on an additional Blendtec pitcher +$160