Rock The Bike

Spin Art bearing assembly

Comes with the machined and welded parts you’ll need to build a Pedal Powered Spin Art Station. Compatible with your Fender Blender. All you have to do is build a wooden box and a platter. Our photo documentation of past builds will help you make this a fun Do It Together project.  Check out the DIT instructions.

Please note that if your Fender Blender roller does not have a bearing with a groove (pre mid 2009), you’ll need to retrofit your bearing assembly ($65) with the new & improved improved bearing assembly to be compatible with Spin Art. The new bearing assembly’s tire-rubbing section is nearly three times as a long as the previous generation, making setup easier, and the bearings have less friction, making them spin with less effort.

Below, see the picture of the new Fender Blender roller with the pulley groove.





In The Box:

Fasteners:3x counter sunk m5x20 machine screws , 3x counter sunk m5x16 machine screws and 6x m5 threaded inserts Specialty parts: 2x sealed cartridge bearings, stationary axle w/ flange , and bearing housing/pulley.

Price: $125.00