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Southbay Bicycle Music Festival II: Another Cool Night in Valley Park…this time wearing our Pajamas

When we first received the idea of holding a bicycle music event from the San Francisco Cruisers, we thought we would hold it once a year like our Northern California Cruising compatriots. But we had so much fun at our first event in July, and we have such great weather down here in Southbay Los Angeles, and with such a wealth of musical talent to choose from how could we wait a whole year before doing another Bicycle Music event?
With that in mind, the Southbay Cruisers held their second Southbay Bicycle Music Festival on Saturday, September 20th, 2008. We had an awesome time at our first event, and even better time at this event.
The evening started out at Hermosa Pier where about 20 of us headed off on a 10 mile cruiser ride through Redondo and Hermosa Beach. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, and although the sun was still shining high over head, we rode down Hermosa Avenue in our pajamas and waited for nightfall, amid cheers from passing drivers, people waiting in line at the Hermosa Comedy House, and apartment dwellers along the way.
We saw some unique pajama outfits includiing those of Faith, Jolly, Mary, Speedy Petey, Sparky, Hercules, Two Step Tina, Liliana, Jeffery. and Nick, who although concerned about whether he might get arrested cruised in his underwear the whole way.
Arriving at Valley Park we were greeted by another 20 or so people, as we settled into a night of feasting around the barbecue pit. We anxiously waited for our first performers, Kris Angelis and her sister Alix, to perform for us. Performing her original tunes ‘Painted Eyes’ and ‘No Place Like Home’, and ‘Manifest Destiny’ these young up and coming performers captivated us with their harmonies and unique blend of country/folk rock acoustic guitar music. (Here is a link to a youtube video of Kris and Alix performing one of their songs: )
Next came Jennifer Vazquez, “The Bronx Babe” voted the best unsigned independent artist in Los Angeles in 2005. Playing songs from her most recent album including “Lone Pine” and her yet to be released “Strawberry Milk”, Jennifer held the spotlight well, which was composed of various bicycle lights and an ice Down Low Glow from the xtracycle aimed at our performers who sat on park benches next to the barbecue pit. I first spotted Jennifer three or four years ago performing at Santa Monica Promenade and was glad to finally see her perform for us at our Southbay Bicycle Music Festival II.
Returning Southbay Bicycle Music event veterans, The 3 Heads took our park bench center stage next. Belting out “Undertow”, ‘Home” and their anthem “World Was Ours” brought us to our feet as we danced on the grass. Especially noted are Jolly’s interpretive dance to “World Was Ours”. We even saw them bust into their own acoustic rap song.
We had some challenges on this ride. Sparky stepped up to help a cruiser repair two flat tires along the esplanade. No sooner did the 3 Heads take center stage that one of their capos busted. And finally, playing late at night in Valley Park we learned about the importance of staying off the grass when the sprinklers turn on.
We also raised close to $200 for A Window Between Worlds(, this money went towards our goal of $500 to sponsor a woman to go through their Art Healing Program.
This was so much fun we can’t wait to do it again. Pictures of this event are posted on the ‘Photos’ page of . More Youtube videos of this event to be posted soon.