Rock The Bike

Soul Cycle Mothership Cabinet


When you’re feeling the need to “bring the beat, bring the light” in your community, you need to at least consider the Soul Cycle Mothership cabinet, designed for the Xtracycle and Mundo. The Mothership provides a stunning alternative to building your own cabinet .

With that preamble, let’s introduce some of the features of the Soul Cycle Mothership cabinet:

  • This item is a separate purchase from our Soul Cycle Head Unit and our new Soul Cycle DIT Head Unit. The new Soul Cycle Mothership cabinet is fully compatible with the Soul Cycle Head Units we have sold over the past few years and will sell in the future.
  • The fiberglass cabinet is extremely strong. Fiberglass is an amazing material for how light and strong it is. On two occasions I’ve seen my Choprical Fish fall on its side, one time off a curb! And it literally just left a scratch. This cabinet is designed for all types of terrain, from a smooth concrete boardwalk, to the fireroads leading to your secret eco-party. It can survive being dropped, though why would you want to? It’s so cute.
  • Beautiful lighting mods will abound. We’ve only scratched the surface with what can be done on the lighting front. You can either choose to customize it yourself, or let us take a stab for you.
  • Internal shelf allows you to place an amp, rechargeable battery, or other electronics like a wireless microphone. This will be a removeable slat that you can essentially pull out of the cabinet when you need to change or troubleshoot something.
  • Available with amp and speakers. Price listed is for cabinet itself.

I got the idea to make the Mothership last year after I had completed the Choprical Fish. I was jazzed about what can be done with fiberglass, but scared about how long it seems to take each time I take on a new project. I wanted to be able to turn out an attractive fiberglass cabinet for a customer without having to turn my life upside-down. And I wanted it to be easy enough I can train someone to do it in a day.

Hey, you only live once! You know, there haven’t been too many times in history when you can click “Buy It Now” and score something as downright life-changing as this Soul Cycle Mothership cabinet. And also there haven’t been too many times in history when our planet was as much in need of everyday superheroes as it is right now. I promise you that the environmental toll of making this product — the epoxy resin, polyurethane moldmaking rubber, and gas it took FEDEX to get it to you, etc. — will be made up a thousand times over with the amazing catalytic effect it will have on people in your community when you roll through playing your music. You have no idea how many people ask me about getting a bike because they know me as “the guy who rides through the Mission with that rad party bike.” And it feels good to know that through this unique branch of the bike culture arts — cruising with music — we can inspire so much positive change, while fully rocking out, of course.