Rock The Bike

Smoothie Booth Event Checklist

Crew Fees. The base fee is $980/day* for 1 crew member and bike. Additional bikes are $250/day, and each additional crew member is $425/day*. Day rates assume the crew is on-site for no more than 8 hours. For events that are longer than 8 hours, crew fees are $1,095 for the first crew member and $645 for each additional crew member. Bike blenders are a flat rate of $250/day.

Ingredients and Cups. Crew fees do not include the cost of ingredients or serving cups. Rock The Bike can provide a shopping list, or we can shop prior to the event if the location allows it. Rock The Bike charges $1/smoothie serving and $0.10/cup. Your expected crowd size will help us determine ingredient and cup costs. We typically blend our own recipes, but we’ll gladly make a preferred recipe or tailor the beverage to your particular event. Our cups are 9-oz. compostable cups.

Health Permits. If your event requires a health permit or liability insurance, we can also handle that. It is the client’s responsibility to pay for health permit fees, either directly to the county or via Rock The Bike. The cost to have Rock The Bike file the permit for your event and bring necessary gear to pass health inspection is $350.

Transportation. We aim to bike to all of our events. Unfortunately, some locations are too remote for this to occur. If your event is not within a reasonable biking distance from Rock The Bike, we will also need to charge a transportation fee. Transportation cost varies by location.

Space Requirements. For a small event, we need an 8′ x 10′ space that can fit 1 Fender Blender Pro and a table to prepare ingredients. For larger events, we need at least a 10′ x 15′ space. This will give us enough room for our Fender Blender Pro, a table, and extra space for crew and spectators.

Attire. Our crew members typically wear Rock The Bike t-shirts and black jeans, but we are happy to wear event-specific uniforms provided by our clients.