Rock The Bike


Have you got a competitive group that can’t wait to see who’s strongest, fastest, best? Who want to come out on top for all the world to see? Then you want the sLEDgehammer!

This 11-foot-high tower of lights draws people from all over the venue to watch as either a single person or a competing pair pedal with all their might to get the lights going up up up to the top. Just like the old carnival test of strength, the sLEDgehammer lets people show off to an admiring audience and requires only human power to operate it. Whoever gets the lights to the top and then keeps pedaling just as hard for 3 seconds will see the WIN sequence. But it’s not easy! It’s a heart-pounding sprint that rivals a spin class finale. Fun for energetic people 10 and up.


The sLEDgehammer

The Dual sLEDgehammer

Key features:

Good to Know

  • The sLEDgehammer is a hit at events. It separates the strong from the weak.
  • It’s tall! You can see it from all over a conference hall or event site.
  • It is its own draw. People will see it lighting up and hear the cheers, and they’ll know something is happening. When they get to that part of the room or space, they’ll be ready to participate.


“I wanted to let you know that I’ve successfully done two full-day sessions with the sLEDgehammer system and it has worked GREAT! I’m completely thrilled with how the kids are using it. The reliability and build quality of the unit are top-notch. Looking forward to rocking the bike around the country next year!”

Ryan Thompson, Mobile Ed Productions, live educational school assembly programs and hands-on workshops, Redford, MI