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Should a chopper bicycle have a fake gas tank, fake tailpipe, or fake engine?

Hey bike people,

There’s an awesome discussion of an amazing chopper bicycle over at

Part of the discussion get into the issue of whether a beautiful chopper like this should have a fake engine that is purely cosmetic and offers no functional benefit to the rider.

So what do you think? Yes chopper bicycles do owe their lineage to chopper motorcycles. But on the other hand, a chopper bicycle is a beautiful thing, a bicycle thing. It’s a different experience to be on a chopper bicycle from a chopper motorcycle. Don’t direct motorcycle visual cues like fake engines and tailpipes stick out like an “I’d rather be riding a motorcycle” T-shirt?

I guess I’ve made my own views clear, but wait! What about gas tanks? Of course, they’re just like fake engines and tail pipes, right? Well, maybe, but c’mon, did you look at the swept back ‘tank’ on the ‘NostalgiaRider’s’ chopper above? Holy *&y$! It’s freaking beautiful!

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