Rock The Bike

Pro Trailer Kit


Arriving at your destination with the Fender Blender Pro in tow behind your bicycle is the truest and most impressive way to express your passion for human power. This kit allows the FB Pro to attach securely to your bike, or to a string of FB Pros!

Compatible with:

  • Fender Blender Pro
  • Electric Fender Blender Pro
  • Generator Pro
  • Off the Wall Pro
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Imagine, if you will, riding your two-wheeled, pedal-powered contraption down any-name business avenue. There is some car traffic, but not so much as to make you feel vulnerable or endangered. You’re taking it slow and smiling at people as you pass them, their jaws slack, full of awe and wonder. You feel proud and capable because you’re using your bike to tow one of our Pro frames to your destination! With the help of the Pro Trailer Kit, of course.


Snap back to reality! Now don’t you want to buy one of your own? I thought you would…

In The Box:

  • Two heavy load carrying 20″ wheels
  • 1 hitch attachment for your rear rack.