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Rectifier Cable


Rectifies the 3-phase AC power coming from our generators and creates 12-50V DC power. Compatible with all of our generators including: Electric Fender Blender Pro, Generator Pro, or Rock the Bike Generator Wheel. 

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The power coming from our generators requires ‘rectifying’ in order to use it in our DC circuits. As you pedal on a generator bike your muscle power forces rare earth magnets to move past copper coils. These coils are grouped into 3 ‘phases’, hence the three wires leaving the hub. The rectifier takes the 3-phase power from the wheel and creates a simple + – DC, which then flows through a 20′ jacketed wire to your circuit / loudspeaker.

    In The Box:

  • One Rectifier Cable with 20′ output cable.
  • Includes 3-way Anderson connector to connect to the generator and 2-way Neutrik Speak-On connector to connect to your circuit / device.