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Side By Side Mundo

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Get out and enjoy yourself with your loved ones by booking the Side By Side Mundo. Rentals are by the day and only available locally.

To book the Side By Side give us a call at 1-888-354-2453.

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Rock The Bike and Low Carbon Fun are excited to announce a fun new local rental, the Side-By-Side Mundo. It is ready for booking online, where you will have access to the calendar for this unique offering. Anyone feeling cooped up and looking for positive experiences — something memorable, special, safe, fun, affordable, that doesn’t involve a big production or certainly getting on an airplane — should know about the sublime feeling of cruising side by side with your special someone on a bicycle built for two. With the Side By Side Mundo, you can talk in a normal voice as you ride, you’ll have the same field of vision, and you can hold hands and put your arms around each other if you want to. It’s the most togetherness you can have on 2 wheels! 

Side by Side tandems are not new. They go way back in the history of bicycle design, a history one can delve into by searching “Sociable”. But though they’ve been around for a while, they’re still super rare, at least compared to the well-established front/rear tandems. This could reflect the industry’s overall focus on performance. The Side By Side is decidedly less aerodynamic than its mainstream counterpart and it’s a bit harder to learn. But many people get it on the first try, and everyone who’s tried it does get it. The only skill required is a bit of finesse during starts. Riding and stopping are easy. Once riding, it balances and steers like a normal bike! Seriously, having 2 wheels makes this thing positively zippy and free when compared to 4-wheeled alternatives like the surreys found in Golden Gate Park. 

Just like front/rear tandems, there is a captain and a stoker. The captain is typically the heavier rider. The captain operates the steering handlebars, the brakes, and the gears. The stoker has their own handlebars, but they’re just for comfort; they don’t turn when the bike turns. 

Although the Side By Side tandem is wider and less aerodynamic than a front/rear tandem, this doesn’t stop you from having a blast and putting on some miles. The speeds are likely to be a bit lower, which means the effect of wind resistance is also low. 

There are several good picnic and date destinations within a short ride of our Headquarters on San Pablo Ave.  You can easily bike to the Bay and chill on the beach while watching sailboats and windsurfers go by. Or hit the Berkeley Marina and watch boats launch. There are a number of good restaurants with outdoor dining and at least one beer garden.  We also have a handful of parks within a mile radius and will happily set you up for a picnic with a basket, blanket, and paper maps if desired. We’ll also set you up with necessities like bike lock, bag, and tools. Because the frame is a Yuba Mundo cargo bike, there’ll be plenty of room for your picnic supplies, your sports gear, or even a passenger or dog. 

If you are feeling more ambitious you can load up the Side By Side and take it to your favorite destination. A pickup truck would be the easiest way, but with minimal disassembly, one can put it on the back of a car with a rear rack. 

We deliver! We can drop off and pick up the bike for you and give you a lesson at your location. Price to be determined by distance and schedule.  Many deliveries within a 5-mile radius will be made by bike, keeping the carbon footprint low. 

It is awkward but possible to ride the Side By Side Mundo with just one person. Most people will not want to do this for more than a mile, as the balancing is a bit tiring. 


Weekday (M-F): $150/day

Weekend (Sat-Sun): $180/day

All weekend: $300 – Discount is applied after the booking is confirmed.