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One Bike, One Speaker Rental

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One Bike One Speaker is only available for local rentals. Please contact us if you are outside of the Bay Area.

Choose your frame color from our fleet. Please note that we will do our best to accommodate your color request, but can’t guarantee colors during our busy season. Colors are booked first come first serve.

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At Rock The Bike’s largest Pedal Powered concerts, there are over 20 people pedaling and the crowd size is around 1000-2000. With a 1 Bike / 1 Speaker system, you can have 1 person pedaling and up to 500 listening to speech or 200 dancing to music. How’s that possible? The explanation is two-fold. For one, there is no AC power provided; all the power goes directly into the speaker. In other words, there’s nowhere to plug in devices that normally go into the wall. You can still have a small band play live music through a compatible mixer, or plug an MP3 player directly into the speaker. The second reason is that audio power scales exponentially. To reach a crowd of 1000 people, you may need 10 times as much power as to reach a crowd of 100-200. With a single pedaler and an efficient loudspeaker like the one included in this system, you can create danceable music for 100, 200, or even more to enjoy.

– Perfect for public speaking events like a town hall meeting, green event, or press conference. Also a huge hit at a large outdoor environmental day like a tree planting or park cleanup.

– Includes a high quality Pro Sound speaker designed for large outdoor events. Capable of sending music out to a large area.

– Easy setup. Only two connections you need to make to fully set up One Bike / One Speaker. Can take as little as 1 minute.

– A microphone or MP3 player can plug straight in to this speaker with no mixer! No complex controls, just a single volume knob. System can also be upgraded to include a 2, 4, or 6 channel mixer also powered by the bike.

– Everything you need can be carried / towed on one bike, meaning you can further reduce the carbon footprint of your event by biking there.

– Includes everything you need: one of our exclusive, highly efficient Modified JBL PRX loudspeakers, a complete generator or generator wheel, handlebar Pedalometer, and Pedal Power cable. The bike plugs directly into the speaker! (You supply all the audio gear.)

– Can also power a second speaker for stereo sound. Second speaker is a ‘slave’ to the primary speaker.

– Easy/Moderate exertion level. You’ll have enough breath to give a speech while you pedal. For dance music, the effort level goes up a little.

– System includes a small Ultracapacitor that holds up to 3 minutes worth of audio power.

– Recommended crowd size: Up to 500 for speech and up to 200 people for dance music.