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The sLEDgehammer V2.0: Illuminate Your Event with this Pedal-Powered Competition

Experience the next evolution of interactive entertainment with the sLEDgehammer V2.0. Inspired by the classic carnival sledgehammer game, this cutting-edge attraction challenges participants to convert their pedaling power into a dazzling light display. Riding solo or facing off with one another, this game ensures high engagement.

How It Works:
Contestants pedal vigorously to fill a towering 10-foot LED panel with vibrant rainbow lights. When the panel is full, it triggers a spectacular multi-color fireworks sequence, visible even in bright daylight. The dynamic display, paired with a diffusing screen, ensures maximum visibility and crowd engagement.

 Key Features:
• High-resolution, full-color LED display for stimulating gameplay
• Wireless connectivity between bike and LED panel
• Watt sign displaying real-time power output and average wattage for each ride
• Three adjustable difficulty levels to suit all participants
• Solo play or thrilling head-to-head races with multiple units

What’s Included:
• One 8′ Full-Color LED Panel and Diffuser Screen
• One Control Box With Wireless Connectivity
• One Power Supply Box
• One Sturdy Base Stand
• One Watt Display Sign

The sLEDgehammer V2.0 is designed to work exclusively with the sLEDge Generator Wheel for optimal performance and safety.

Elevate Your Event:
Whether you’re organizing a corporate gathering, community fair, or fitness challenge, the sLEDgehammer V2.0 guarantees to draw crowds and create unforgettable experiences. Its combination of physical activity, visual excitement, and friendly competition makes it a must-have for any event planner looking to energize their audience.

Order now to secure your sLEDgehammer V2.0 at our special introductory price, available for a limited time only. Due to high demand, please allow 4 weeks lead time for single units and 6 weeks for Dual sLEDgehammer configurations.

Transform your next event with the power of pedal-driven illumination – order your sLEDgehammer V2.0 today!

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