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The harder you pedal, the higher the lights go. Can you reach the “bell” and trigger the winning light sequence? The 11′ tower is a great way to show pedalers their power! Requires an Electric Fender Blender Pro or a Generator Pro. Learn more about the sLEDgehammer here!

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The sLEDgehammer is an interactive light challenge that harkens back to the classic carnival Sledgehammer game. But here, the aim is to convert your peak power output to a beautiful light display. The sLEDgehammer is accurate, motivating, and visible from anywhere in the venue. It’s a fun way to get your event participants thinking, cheering, and breathing.

To light up all five panels of LED you need to hit 375 watts of effort. After that pedalers can light up the 200 watts of halogen bulbs when reaching the highest voltage levels, for a total of 575 watts.

In the Box:

  • One 11′ Tall Tower of LED Panels and halogen bulbs. (red, blue, and green LED with halogens on top.)
  • One Custom Circuit
  • One Tripod stand
  • One Cable

Requires a compatible Pedal Power Generator.

The sLEDgehammer is compatible with the following generators:

More on the sLEDgehammer!

Enquire about our Dual sLEDgehammer configuration where two pedalers compete to light their tower first.


sLEDgehammer User Manual

User Manual

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