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Electric Kombi

From grocery getting to dominating the drop off line, the Kombi is the right tool for any job. This cargo bike is affordable, portable and storable. Its name is a nod to the adventurer and the explorer in all of us. This is your gateway to two-wheeled freedom, shared adventures and new discoveries!

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Kombi 2000 Starting Price: $4,250

The Kombi 2000 is our premium electrified version of the Yuba Kombi. With the Kombi you start with an adventure ready and heavy duty cargo bike frame with dual disc brakes. Stout rack system and a host of accessories including waterproof bags mean you can adapt it to your hauling needs. We are ready to help you set up your system with our 75+ combined years of cargo biking experience. 

The electric platform consists of a 52V in-frame aluminum cased lithium-ion battery comprised of Samsung cells. Aluminum battery case also acts as heat dissipation for the thin controller. The battery system is scalable. Within the aluminum case is 1.5 kWh. Option to downgrade to 1 kWh with room for expansion to 1.5. Or, also, option to go with 1 kWh with room to add a second 1-2 kWh bag-carried battery. 

Range expectation. Steep hills and heavy loads will make every bit of difference in the calculations. The range here is conservative and based on Nevada County. 

For the 1.5 kWh battery: 25-35 mile range. We would be pleasantly surprised but not shocked if you could get 40 miles of range over Nevada County hills by cruising under 28mph  and by pedaling the whole time. 

The motor is the Grin Cyclery GMAC ‘fast winding’ which offers excellent acceleration and is capable of approximately 32-35mph on flat ground. This geared hub motor is relatively quiet and lightweight as motor systems go and still offers powerful regenerative braking. 

Overall weight expected to be 65-70 lbs. 

Kombi 750 Mid-Drive Starting Price: $3,250

Also lightweight, with a less expensive mid-drive motor the Bafang 750 is a very reliable and the most popular e-bike motor on the planet. This option is sold with a less expensive 1kWH battery in the same aluminum case. Lower top speed, excellent hill-climbing power at 10-15 MPH. More info and photos coming on Kombi 750. 

Upgrade options:

Yuba waterproof bag: $160

Upgraded Cycle Satiator charger offering battery saving percentage charging: $300 

Metropolis dual speed bottom crank system $380 including installation



  • Stiff + sturdy steel frame
  • Chromoly fork
  • Adjustable cockpit and seat post
  • Low Step-Through frame design


  • Fits riders 5’ – 6’5” (1.52m – 1.95m)
  • Payload(incl rider): 440lbs. (200kg)
  • Bike Weight: 50 lbs. (22 kg)
  • Bike Length: 6’1” (183 cm)


  • 9 Speed Shimano Altus Shadow drivetrain, 11-40
  • Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Kenda Puncture Resistant tires with K-Shield


  • Comfortably carries 2-3 kids
  • Compatible with Yepp Nexxt child seat
  • Compatible with many Yuba Add-Ons

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