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Rock The Bike

The Bike Rocker Package


This package is perfect for anyone who wants to bike blend like one of the Rock the Bike crew members. This package includes enough pitchers to keep your booth running smoothly and the Spoonula tool that we use for hummus, salsa, pesto, and other pedal-powered treats. This is a great package for anyone looking to do a busy event where you sell or give away lots of bike blended smoothies.

Blue, green, and red frames are in stock.

Orange and black frames are expected in 2023.

Here’s what it comes with:

Fender Blender Pro Frame $2,150
2 Additional Pitchers (3 total) $260
Easy Rolling Transport Wheels $35
Spoonula $25
Total $2,470
New Total $2,270

The Bike Rocker package comes with 3 pitchers, but you can always order additional pitchers.

Product Quantity

RTB Fender Blender Pro (Package Only)


Easy Rolling Transport Wheels


Blendtec Spoonula


Available on backorder

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