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Ultimate Upgrade My Bike Package

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Add all the ultimate utilities to your bike! Transform your bike from just a mode of transportation to a blender and a power generator. It can do both at the same time! This package will get you ready for your next big event or gathering. Some bikes work better than others (see this helpful guide).

Included in Your Package:

Fender Blender Universale High Performance $499
OTW Generator Stand $600
Comparator Display  $200
USB Charging Brick $100
1 Additional RTB Pitcher (2 total) $130
Total $1,529
New Total $1,379

Off the Wall Generator Stand

Comparator Safety Circuit and Display [+$200]
Yes, add a 8 Port USB 100Watt Charger

48oz. RTB Pitcher Compatible with High Performance Upgrade × 2

2 pitchers total (1 comes with the Fender Blender Universale)

HP Blender Base

In stock

Universale Rear Rack

24 - 29" Standard Young Adult - Adult Size
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Maximize your bike blending and charging experience with this package. Handy in a power outage or the educational setting. Directly charges phones and laptops so you can coordinate with loved ones.  Also great for getting your kids exercising, teaching energy efficiency in an interactive way, or supporting small off-grid sound systems. Off the Wall gives you a way to generate immediately usable electricity directly from your bicycle and with the upgraded comparator display you can switch and compare two different devices. Additional blender pitchers allow you to increase activity throughput, offer various recipes, or offer a vegan/lactose-free smoothie option.