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Pedal Power
Utility Box

What’s better than generating your own good clean energy? Doing it as a team! The Pedal Power Utility Box makes group efforts possible where you can have up to 10 people simultaneously pedaling. See how pedal power can be converted to usable AC power.* Comes with our brandable wattage sign and  kill a watt meter.

*For devices rated up to 1000W



This light up tower shows how much energy the team has pedaled into the system. Viewable from 360 degrees, includes an adjustable stand.

Our Pedal Power Utility Box contains a Pure Sine Wave inverter that makes it capable of 1000W continuous output or 1500W surges. Pure Sine means the power is cleaner and better for sensitive electronics including audio equipment. 

Now all our Pedal Power Utility Boxes include our newly updated Wattage Display sign. This interactive sign easily encourages pedalers to go harder and faster by giving live wattage feedback. It can easily be attached to any speaker stand or canopy.

Using the Kill A Watt meter is educational and fun. Some products use different amounts of power at different settings. For example, a loudspeaker will use way less power than its rating if you’re listening to music at moderate levels. So get yourself a Kill A Watt and get scientific!

In The Box:

  • One fully assembled and tested Pedal Power Utility Box
  • Newly designed Wattage Display sign
  • Kill A Watt meter 

The Utility Box is compatible with the following products:

Learn more about the Pedal Powered Utility Box.


Utility Box User Manual

User Manual


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