Rock The Bike

Mini Rectifier Cable


Rectifies the 3-phase AC power coming from our generators and creates 12-50V DC power. Includes compatible connectors for RTB’s Generator Wheel and Recharge Desk.


The power coming from our generators requires ‘rectifying’ in order to use it in our DC circuits. As you pedal on a generator bike your muscle power forces rare earth magnets to move past copper coils. These coils are grouped into 3 ‘phases’, hence the three wires leaving the hub. The rectifier takes the 3-phase power from the wheel and creates a simple + – DC, which then flows through a short jacketed wire from your Generator Wheel to your Recharge Desk.

    In The Box:

  • One Rectifier Cable with short output cable.
  • Includes 3-way Anderson connector to connect to the generator and 2-way Neutrik Speak-On connector to connect to your Recharge Desk.